Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Wheels within Wheels

In the meantime … the heroes have destroyed Erylium and her army of wrathspawn. They returned to Sandpoint.

Ameiko had reunited with Tsuto, who explained that he had been under the control of Nualia. Nualia sought to become a demon, and intended to burn Sandpoint as a sacrifice to curry the favor of Lamashtu, the mother of monsters. Tsuto explained that the goblins tribes were being unified by Nuallia and that it was the Sczarni who were working with Nualia to destroy the town. Ameiko concurred that the Sczarnia were a plague on the town.

The heroes attempted to infiltrate and confront the Sczarni, leading to the death of a number of ne’er-do-wells and assaults on the heroes. Finally, a meeting was arranged with Jubryal Vhiski, a Varisian elder and local boss of the Sczarni. Vhiski insisted that, as a businessman – yes, a dangerous businessman – he had no motive to work with goblins. He would protect his business from anyone who threatened it, whether Goblin, Human, Halfling, or Tiefling. The heroes and Vhiski parted ways as friends, of a sort. Vhiski suggested that the heroes consider the source of the false information about the Sczarni.

In confronting Tsuto, he fled, leaving behind incriminating evidence. When this was shown to Ameiko, she was filled with rage and vowed to “beat my little brother’s ass.” However, as the heroes gathered to find and capture Tsuto, an explosion rocked the town and the imprisoned goblins were freed from the militia prison. For hours the heroes helped the militia take control of the town.

The Dark Queen

Mordecai followed the trail of blood left behind by the castrated Goblin. He stumbled upon a black stone altar, where the trail of blood ended in a spray. Behind the altar was a an engraved figure in the wall. Mordecai recognized the beast from the description of Rhogars vision.
A fiendish jackals head upon the form of a woman with ebon wings and scaly claw feet. Mordecai waved his hand over the inlay copper in his lute and murmured arcane words and pointed to his party and gently described what he saw. Griz and Rhogar quickly moved to the scene. Griz as always, silent and deadly. Rhogar nearly tripped and fell into the room. James Bacca, remained behind to inspect the statue in the hall.

On the Black stone altar was a pool of filthy, oil muddled water. Behind the alter, the team found an adventurers pack filled, with rope, fingers, coin sack and potions. Everything a filthy goblin would need. It was determined the sack belonged to Koruvus the castrated mongrel. The party suspects he may have been transformed into another form here at the alter. Mordecai again intoned magic words and with focused movements over his lute, determined that the potions were of () and that the altar was essence of transmutation. Griz collected as much of the filthy water as he could, leaving behind just a tiny bit.

James Bacca, standing in front of the statue, was addressed by a deep haggard voice of a female, followed by a foul, foul stench. She addressed herself as queen and demanded that James Bacca bow before her as a loyal servant should do. James Bacca bowed and asked that she reveal her form. The dark queen materialized and insisted that James Bacca improve his form so that he could help summon more of the [creature]s to take over the town. James Bacca acted quickly and told the dark queen that he was going to summon his friends to help build the army. She insisted he go and find his friends and disappeared.

James Bacca joined his friends in the altar room and explained his confrontation. The team pushed on into the next room. here they found the bodies of three of the soldiers. They had carved into their chests the star symbol/rune.
In the center of the room was a pool of water with a circle of skulls mounted on spikes in the center. At the top of the landing was a triangular pool of orange, bubbling, viscous liquid. The temperature seemed to drastically drop around the triangular pool. Griz grabbed a skull from the pool of water and dropped it into the orange liquid. Nothing happened. James Bacca dragged a dead soldier to the orange pool and dipped his hand in it. Still nothing. Searching the adjacent rooms the party found a bunch of ancient junk that may be important to a historian. James Bacca took a vial of the orange liquid. He found that if it weren’t for the cold resistance inherited from his blood line, his hands would be retching in pain. James poured the liquid onto the floor just to have two of the translucent skinned creatures and a disfigured goblin appear. It was Koruvus and he looked as though he had gone through a bad transmutation. Limbs were growing out of places they shouldn’t.
Then the queen materialized, hovering over the circle of skulls. “You fools! You musn’t desecrate the waters of Lamatsu! You must bow before your queen! Bow!” The party bowed to appease the queen. She led them to the altar to transform them into something that can summon the rune creatures. Upon reaching the altar the queen sees that the waters of transmutation are all but gone. There is enough left for one adventurer. “choose who will be transformed or I shall choose for you!”

Mordecai cast a spell [don’t remember which one] on their enemies and convinced them to wait in the next room, giving the party some “privacy” to make their decision and a chance to escape. Griz and Mordecai moved to leave, but James Bacca’s insatiable curiosity got the better of him. He followed Erillium’s party, and not wanting to leave his friend to the wolves, Rhogar followed. [Some details missing here.] Battle became inevitable. Korvus grabbed James Bacca and ?? grabbed ??, attempting to drag them to the alter. [someone else was grabbed but can’t remember who. When did James Bacca grab Erillium the first time??]. Battle ensued with Erillium summoning additional minions: a dire rat, a mud demon, and two more wrath creatures. Erillium bit Mordecai twice, injecting him with her foul breath and rendering him severely sluggish. Despite these challenges, Moredecai cart wheeled into battle and drew the enemy’s blows, giving James Bacca a chance to escape…[I really don’t remember the sequence of this combat very well.]. Amazingly, the heroes surpassed long odds and defeated Erillium’s minions, including Korvus. Erillium disappeared and fled into the room with the orange summoning pool. The party followed Erillium into the summoning chamber and blocked her in for a time. She darted past James Bacca standing guard at the door, the party followed, and she almost escaped again, but her loathing led her to make one more attempt at killing James Bacca, giving him the opportunity to grab her and stuff her in a sack. Having subdued Erillium, the party explored more of the underground temple. They discovered a prison area and encountered an undead abomination, a vampiric head with bat-like wings. Leaving the remainder of the temple unexplored, the party returned to the surface to consult their contacts in the town regarding Erillium and the underground temple.

Glass and Wrath 3.6
Back on the Blood Trail

Rhogar, Griz, Mordecai, and James Bacca returned to the Glassworks to follow the blood trail.

There were fewer guards at their posts than originally assigned. When the heroes questioned the guards, they said some monsters came and captured (or killed) several guards and dragged them off. Their lack of training was apparent in that they did not bother to notify anyone of this incident. The heroes reprimanded them and sent one off to notify the captain of the guard. Apparently, the heroes now had two missions: follow the blood trail and find the missing militiamen.

The heroes returned to the location where Rhogar first encountered the wrathful creature and they explored beyond. They encountered another wrathful creature and killed it in a side cavern. They then discovered some passages and rooms apparently constructed by the ancient Thassalonians as the style was similar to the tower in town. The blood trail led to a dead carcass of another wrathful creature, where apparently the injured goblin leader fought and killed the creature. Next to the carcass was a statue of a wrathful woman..[need help with this desciption]..Griz thought this might be a depiction of the wrath rune lord. The blood trail then continued on to an alter and ended there. While the heroes were exploring, they heard a mysterious voice calling out to it’s servants to bow down and something about getting gifts of blood. The voice grew more agitated as the heroes disregarded it, and attempted to magically frighten Rhogar, but he successfully resisted, although he was left shaken for a time.

Rhogar, Mordecai, and Griz moved to take a closer look at the alter, while James Bacca spoke with the voice…

Glass and Wrath 3.5
Panic in the Streets of Sandpoint

Brodart Quink
- hasn’t seen this, must be an outsider, ask Gadanthus
- Wrath Rune on the body as birthmarks, related to Thass magic, shows the runes
- Cover the body with blanket and take it to Gadanthus

- teaching reading class
- Uriel waves him to come but he gets annoyed
- Uriel holds the body up and the children see it and panic, cause town bells to ring again
- Related to Aboleth, shows them the Aboleth in the museum
- Promises to let them know if they find anything
- Buys the body for 300 gp

Panicking crowd
- Mordecai plays song about Tuk Thor to calm the crowd, people join hands
- Tuk Thor tells the guards to search the perimeter, causing more panic
- horse knocks over embers, causing fire
- Mordecai gets them to start bucket brigade
- Tuk Thor lifts the barrel of water to pour it on the fire
- Mordecai calms the town down but not until after someone is crippled by a stampeding horse

Kaddock Darthlai
- Posts guards at the glassworks against Sinspawn
- Will keeps his eye out Tsuto

- What planes do Aboleth’s come from?
- It’s an ancient plane that no one knows how to get to and from there?
- There was rumor that the Runelords created sinspawn to serve as soldiers and terror troops

Glassworks survivor
- Overheard Tsuto directing goblins, get revenge against Lonjiku, please his Love
- Hid out during raid, locked in closet
- Lonjiku was ranting about the Sczarni forcing him to do things, made us move ladders, take cart out
- Mordecai leans on guard sergeant to arrest Tsuto, forces survivor to stay in protective custody

The heroes brought the body of the a pale translucent skin semi-humanoid creature to Brodert Quink. Quink identified some birthmark type markings on the body as an ancient Thassalonian rune of wrath. Thassalonian magic was based on the seven deadly sins. Quink also identified the seven pointed star which was the Sinhedron, the symbol of unity of all the Thassalonian schools of magics.


He recommended that we seek out Geddanthus (headmaster of the local school) to identify the creature. SZ = Birth mark of Thasselonian origin on the wrathful creature. Associated with Wrath.
one of the 7 deadly sins. SZ is the symbol for the wrath rune.

On Quink’s recommendation, the heros sought out Gaddanthus, headmaster of the local academy. James Bacca tried to interrupt Professor Gaddanthus’s class, but caused a panic when the children saw the body of the wrathful creature. A fire broke out, a stampede of cattle rushed through town, and one of the Sandpoint residents was seriously injured (lost his leg).

Gaddanthus led the heroes to his collection of strange creatures, in the basement below the academy. He paid for the body of the creature, and suggested he would pay for other curiosities, including the legendary Sandpoint Devil.

At the suggestion of the heroes, eight town militia were posted in the glassworks entrance to the basement area.

Glass and Wrath 3.4
Terror below The Glassworks

Seeing her father encapsulated in crystalline agony, Ameiko channels her grief into her work. She insists on returning to the Rusty Dragon to ensure all is in good order. Ameiko appears to be hanging on by a thread.

James Bacca returns to town with Ameiko to find a package has arrived for our adventurers via magic portal. The package contains a generous gift for each of the group, along with an invitation to join Aldern Foxglove at his southern estate near Magnamar.

James Bacca makes his way below the glassworks where he finds Tuk Thor, Mordecai, and Griz. The group continues down the passage below the glassworks, following the trail of acrid goblin blood.

Rhogar is ambushed by a sinister creature not of this world. It has paper thin skin and razor sharp claws. Rhogar is heavily wounded but maintains his composure by using his ki to deal a blow and disengage from the combat. Rhogar cleverly bates the creature to follow him down the passage whilst using a potion to cure his wounds.

Rhogar leads the creature directly to his companions. Tuk Thor upon seeing his bloodied comrade, breaks into a mighty rage and runs to meet the creature in battle. Mordecai hails Tuk Thors courage and strength as he delivers a devastating axe blow. The group then surrounds the creature to deal its fate. Griz ensnares the abomination and delivers a fatal arrow shot to the chest.

Celebrating the victory half of the group is ready to rush in to find the goblin scum, however cooler heads prevail and the adventurers return to town to rest, resupply and research the foul beast they have just slain.

Lastly, James Bacca shares with the group their new gifts from Aldern Foxglove. James Bacca receives an intricately carved wand of magic missiles. Mordecai a fine lute with magical properties. For Rhogar, the martial arts master, Nunchaku. Tuk Thor receives an enchanted Javelin that rips into thunderous lighting upon command. Lastly, Griz, a magical ring which will protect Alderns ‘Angel’ from harm by turning him into ethereal form should his life be in danger.

Glass and Wrath 3.3
The Demogorgon Arrives?
Mordecai and James Bacca were following the trail of blood left behind by the castrated half elf and came across Ameko’s brother, who had just as he killed a goblin. Tsuto said they had captured his sister. Mordecai had his suspicions about Tsuto’s claims. Tsuto upset at the pause in immediate action said that he would go after his sister and dashed off the other room. The team followed him out after hearing some muffled noises that was unmistakably Ameiko, just to find that Tsuto was gone and Ameiko bound and gagged. They untied her and asked her of Tsuto’s motives. Ameiko stated she was summoned their by her brother. Tsuto left a letter for Ameiko describing his excitement to be together with Noelia. This was strange since Ameiko believed Noelia to have died years prior in a building fire. Tsuto urged Ameiko to leave the city to the East to the Nethal wood for her own safety. Once Ameiko arrived at the factory the goblins captured her and she had yet to see her brother. Tsuto Apparently ran past TukThor on his way up and out the Glassworks.

The Team and Ameiko then went upstairs and investigate Longiku’s body further now that the immediate carnage had ended. Longiku was encapsulated in molten glass. She ask’s James baka to please not kill her brother because she feels he is innocent and must surely be under some spell. She also asks James baca to walk with her into town where she needs to speak with the town council members. The rest of the crew remembers they let Rhogar run off by himself and decides to go down after him.

Rhogar, meanwhile, continues following blood trail down a non-descriptive underground passageways. The trail of blood took a turn at the second right turn. He continued down this way and passed an area that appeared to have been previously walled off. Just as he is crossing the threshold he began to feel an out of body like experience and a vision. He very vividly experiences holding hands with a woman on a date which quickly turned romantic. He became lost in the moment until he looks again at his date and it is now a Jackal headed creature with a pregnant belly and monsters clawing from the inside. The monster began accusing Rhogar of cheating on her. Rhogar staggered back and regained his senses just in time to see a humanoid size creature with pale arms, predator like jaws, a slimy tongue, and bulging red eyes with no nose.

The creature strikes at rhogar and deals him a heavy blow!

Will our hero be able to escape or Defeat this new unknown enemy?
Will his friends be able to reach him in time?
Will Rhogar ever get to play with his unborn demon children?
Find out… Next Time! On Dragon Ball!…. wait, no…. Next time on Wednesday

Glass and Wrath 3.2
Going after Ameiko
  • Heroes went to the Glassworks, following James Bacca’s empathic link to Ameiko.
  • Discovered that goblins had killed all the workers and Lonjiku, who had been tortured to death.
  • The goblin leader, Koruvus, was wounded and fled to the basement.
  • Following the trail of blood, the heroes found a tunnel leading deep underground
  • Exploring the basement, the heroes heard the voices of goblins and non-goblins speaking.
  • They came upon a room with Tsuto Kaijitsu and a goblin. Tsuto quickly killed the goblin with his bare hands, thanked the heroes for saving him, and urged them to find his sister.

The heroes (Griz, James Bacca, Rhogar, and Mordecai) quickly trudged through the dawn rain to the Sandpoint Glassworks following James Bacca’s empathic link with Ameiko. The Glassworks, standing near the western edge of Sandpoint on the shore, was locked and shuttered. The heroes climbed to the roof. James Bacca peered through the skylight, and shrieked in horror. Goblins reveling in destruction and mayhem. The mutilated bodies of the workers littered the main factory floor and Lonjiku’s stiff, frozen body was propped in a chair, apparently transformed into a glass statue, his face transfixed in horror.

The heroes prepared to crash through the skylight to surprise the goblins. James Bacca caught the eye of Shayliss Vinder, who called out to him in a playful voice. “James Bacca, what in the world are you doing up on that roof in this rain. Come down and run some errands with me. You can keep me warm…” James Bacca called back “Shayliss, there’s goblins in the Glassworks, alert the militia!” Shayliss panicked, crying out that the goblins were attacking again. Within minutes a panic spread through the town, and the alarm bells were ringing, calling the militia into action.

Meanwhile, the heroes went through with their plan. The skylights were crashed and the battle ensued with the goblins. Rhogar leapt down, taking center stage surrounded by goblins. He was backed up by Griz taking shots from the roof and James Bacca who put the Koruvus and many other goblins to sleep before they could do much harm. Tuk Thor, responding to the town alarm from the militia hall, came to a front door and with two kicks burst it open.

Mordecai attempted to tie Koruvus for later interrogation, but Rhogar had no interest in playing along. He slipped through the throng of goblins surrounding him and castrated Koruvus, waking him up from his magical slumber. Koruvus and the remaining goblins quickly fled down into the basement, the mortality wounded leader leaving a trail of blood behind him. James Bacca’s sense told them Ameiko was down below the Glassworks, so the heroes followed the trail of blood.

As the heroes descended into the basement, they heard muffled goblin and non-goblin voices. They followed the trail of blood through a tunnel which, until recently, appeared to have been walled off from the basement. Before following the trail, however, the heroes began searching the rooms of the basement. James Bacca entered a small room with a bed, a desk, a chair, and many papers. In the room stood Tsuto, Lonjiku’s long-lost son and Ameiko’s brother. Apparently, he was being held prisoner by the goblins. As James Bacca entered, Tsuto quickly turned and dealt a fatal blow to a goblin standing near him. Tsuto thanked him for rescuing him and urged him to find Ameiko quickly.

Burnt Offerings 3.1
Glass and Wrath

4047, mid-Rova

The Prodigal Son?

After the trial, the days fall into a routine. Tuk Thor trains regularly with the Sandpoint Militia. Griz roams the Sandpoint Hinterlands looking for a trace of Shalelu. James Bacca and Mordecai attempt to delve the secrets of the Old Light. Rhogar meditates. Naeric heads north to Windsong Abbey.

After about a week, one stormy night in late Rova, James Bacca wakes suddenly in the middle of the night. He knows, with no reason to know why, that something has happened to Ameiko. He rushes downstairs and finds her kitchen staff preparing food early in the morning. They confirm that it is unusual for her not to be with them at this point, but perhaps she is exhausted, she was working late into the night. James Bacca pounds on her door, until Bethana, Ameiko’s trusted employee, opens the door. The window has been smashed, and rain is coming into the room, which is in disarray. Blood splatters are on the sheets. It is obvious that there has been a fight here.

Bethana can remember nothing except that Ameiko was excited about having received a letter. James Bacca searches the room and finds a letter, but it is written in Xian Tia and he cannot make it out. He asks Mordecai to gather Griz, Rhogar, and Tuk Thor and meet him at the Kaijitsu manor.

Lonjiku’s head of household allows the group into the drawing room of the house, but he tells them that Lonjiku is not available. He cannot say more because it would not be within normal decorum. He cannot read the letter but he can say that the signature is that of the Kaijitsu family name, but not Lonjiku’s. When he is told that Ameiko is missing, he looks shocked and says that Lonjiku has been missing for two days as well.

He leaves the heroes, who begin a search of the house. In Lonjiku’s study, they find another letter, written in Xian Tia, apparently from before the Swallowtail attack. The signature on the bottom is the same.

James Bacca says “Ameiko is still alive. She’s in the Glassworks.”

Burnt Offerings 2.12
Town Heroes

The Trial

Mordecai and James Bacca head to the Carpenters Guild in the middle of the night after returning with the rescued farmers. They hear a lot of noise at lumber mill, and they see Petal the dog, barking.

They break into the second story, coming onto a large storage area. As they stumble around they make lots of noise as the window slams shut, Mordecai and James whisper loudly, and James stumbles and knocks items over from the second story onto a fine table that was being crafted below. The table is sturdy, but appears to be damaged by scratches.

Mordecai uses his darkvision to find and read through a ledger, finding the names of businesses which have purchased ladders. James Bacca attempts to clean the mess that they made.

The next morning, rusty dragon, Mordecai sings and Ameiko makes food for refugees. Townsfolk are asking when they will take care of the Sczarni. Griz talks to kid and father whose ankle was broken.

The group confides in Ameiko that there seems to be a confederate in town who helped the goblins attack.

James Bacca speaks to Sheriff. The Sheriff mentions he is leaving for Magnamar soon to seek additional support in the way of guards. He states that, regarding Tuk Thor, while he needs to remain neutral as the Sheriff, he would like to see Tuk Thor invoke his right to ask for representation for the upcoming trial.

He speaks of some of the clues regarding the confederate:

1) There was a wagon that the goblins were hiding in, upon inspection they find traces of seaweed, sand, limestone, and saltmarsh plants — James Bacca remembers Lonjiku Kaijitsu mentioning that all materials were used in making glass.
2) The North gate was left open, obvious that goblins snuck in. The only people in town who have the key to the North Gate were:
-Lieutenant of the guard Kaddock Darthalai
-Sandpoint council members

Mordecai and James Bacca interview different businesses about the ladder and find that they all have a ladder — with the exception of the Glassworks. It seems that Lonjiku may have been the confederate. But why?

Tuk Thor is reluctant to ask for representation. He believes he is guilty of sneaking into town and should thus be punished. But, Griz tells him “If you don’t get help, they will get away with it.” And, Tuk Thor realizes that he needs to fight. He want’s Naeric to represent him.

Tuk Thor’s request and the evidence that the Glassworks is brought to Naeric , who agrees to represent Tuk Thor and Gorvi. It is decided that, because the trial is decided by a vote of the five council members, they will seek to force Lonjiku to recuse himself from the trial.

At the onset of the meeting, James Bacca speaks on behalf of the heroes in favor of Tuk Thor’s heroism. His speech is greeted with approval by the gathered townsfolk.

Next, town business is discussed:
1) Garbage in streets
2) Whether a wall should be built
3) Whether a bank should be created
4) Money owed by Sandpoint to Titus Scarnetti

In each of these instances, the council has difficulty coming to a decision, Lonjiku and Titus bicker and accuse each other of trying to enrich themselves, and Titus pressures Valdemar into voting in his favor.

As the trial proceeds, the council, with the exception of Lonjiku, votes to force him to recuse himself due to the apparent conflict of interest. Lonjiku is outraged. With two votes in favor of acquittal and two votes in favor of conviction, after the evidence is presented, Tuk Thor and Gorvi are freed!

Burnt Offerings 2.11
Town Heroes

The Rescue
Shalelu confirms that it appears that the Birdcruncher goblin tribe is abandoning this area. Thistletop goblins, led by Brunkle, Bruthazamus, Orik, and Lyrie, have been escorting Birdcrunchers and carrying loot as well as prisoners to the north-east.

Shalelu and Bruthazamus have long been adversaries, and the injury he gave her was merely to be cruel.

Rhogar joins Mordecai, James Bacca, Griz, and Shalelu. The party sets off after the large group of goblins heading towards Thistletop with prisoners. If they can’t stop them, the prisoners may not survive.

They head into the Tickwood, and ambush a rear guard of goblins. James Bacca attempts to interrogate a captured goblin, but his screaming draws giant wolf spiders which attack the group.

They finally catch up to the group: Bruthazumus and Orik, with dozens of goblins from the Thistletop and Birdcruncher tribes. Shalelu distracts the goblins by calling out Bruthazumus for a fight while the rest of the group is to rescue the goblins. However, the group jumps the gun and shoots at Bruthazumus. He returns fire, knocking Griz unconscious. He then laughs, wields a large cudgel and saunters towards Shalelu, laughing and mocking her. She flees under a the forest canopy and then when the goblins follow, she chops a lock of her hair and, using powerful magic, summons dozens of giant wolf spiders which attack the goblins.

She flees into the Tickwood while the heroes return to town with the rescued farmers. Griz realizes that some farmers still are missing, and returns for them. He finds a man with a broken leg, who’s son is watching over him. Griz aids them in their return but hasn’t found all of them.


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