Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Glass and Wrath 3.6

Back on the Blood Trail

Rhogar, Griz, Mordecai, and James Bacca returned to the Glassworks to follow the blood trail.

There were fewer guards at their posts than originally assigned. When the heroes questioned the guards, they said some monsters came and captured (or killed) several guards and dragged them off. Their lack of training was apparent in that they did not bother to notify anyone of this incident. The heroes reprimanded them and sent one off to notify the captain of the guard. Apparently, the heroes now had two missions: follow the blood trail and find the missing militiamen.

The heroes returned to the location where Rhogar first encountered the wrathful creature and they explored beyond. They encountered another wrathful creature and killed it in a side cavern. They then discovered some passages and rooms apparently constructed by the ancient Thassalonians as the style was similar to the tower in town. The blood trail led to a dead carcass of another wrathful creature, where apparently the injured goblin leader fought and killed the creature. Next to the carcass was a statue of a wrathful woman..[need help with this desciption]..Griz thought this might be a depiction of the wrath rune lord. The blood trail then continued on to an alter and ended there. While the heroes were exploring, they heard a mysterious voice calling out to it’s servants to bow down and something about getting gifts of blood. The voice grew more agitated as the heroes disregarded it, and attempted to magically frighten Rhogar, but he successfully resisted, although he was left shaken for a time.

Rhogar, Mordecai, and Griz moved to take a closer look at the alter, while James Bacca spoke with the voice…


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