Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Burnt offerings 2.10

Town Heroes

The Dwarf
Griz and James Bacca go to the Sandpoint Carpenter’s Guild to speak with Aesrick Battlehorn. He isn’t there and they leave a note for him.

Rescuing Shalelu
Griz, James Bacca, Naeric, Mordecai, and two Sandpoint militia (Ricky Larsen and Jessie Barr, head up to the Devil’s Platter.
They intercept a large group of Birdcruncher goblins on a narrow path, leading captive farmers. Naeric leads the farmers back to Sandpoint.

Griz tells the remainder of the group to wait while he scouts ahead, but Jessie becomes impatient and runs after him. Jessie is angry at the rest of the group for allowing Griz to go on his own – his family was saved by Griz during the Swallowtail attack and he owes a debt of gratitude to Griz. The group makes it to the caves without any further incident.

The group sneak into the caves, and find some more farmers captive. The treasure room is mostly empty except for a few scattered coins.

They hear a growling sound and find small vicious goblins in cages. They are unable to touch the cages without being bit at by the goblins.

Exploring further, they find and rescue Shalelu. However, she is grievously wounded: Bruthazumus cut off the middle and index fingers of her right hand. She is at the verge of death. As the group leaves the cave, a large segmented creature with tentacles around it’s mouth comes crashing through the cave, chasing the heroes and the remaining goblins in front. Jessie is crushed by the creature. The farmers flee and Ricky chases after them.


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