Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Burnt Offerings 2.11

Town Heroes

The Rescue
Shalelu confirms that it appears that the Birdcruncher goblin tribe is abandoning this area. Thistletop goblins, led by Brunkle, Bruthazamus, Orik, and Lyrie, have been escorting Birdcrunchers and carrying loot as well as prisoners to the north-east.

Shalelu and Bruthazamus have long been adversaries, and the injury he gave her was merely to be cruel.

Rhogar joins Mordecai, James Bacca, Griz, and Shalelu. The party sets off after the large group of goblins heading towards Thistletop with prisoners. If they can’t stop them, the prisoners may not survive.

They head into the Tickwood, and ambush a rear guard of goblins. James Bacca attempts to interrogate a captured goblin, but his screaming draws giant wolf spiders which attack the group.

They finally catch up to the group: Bruthazumus and Orik, with dozens of goblins from the Thistletop and Birdcruncher tribes. Shalelu distracts the goblins by calling out Bruthazumus for a fight while the rest of the group is to rescue the goblins. However, the group jumps the gun and shoots at Bruthazumus. He returns fire, knocking Griz unconscious. He then laughs, wields a large cudgel and saunters towards Shalelu, laughing and mocking her. She flees under a the forest canopy and then when the goblins follow, she chops a lock of her hair and, using powerful magic, summons dozens of giant wolf spiders which attack the goblins.

She flees into the Tickwood while the heroes return to town with the rescued farmers. Griz realizes that some farmers still are missing, and returns for them. He finds a man with a broken leg, who’s son is watching over him. Griz aids them in their return but hasn’t found all of them.


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