Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Burnt Offerings 2.12

Town Heroes

The Trial

Mordecai and James Bacca head to the Carpenters Guild in the middle of the night after returning with the rescued farmers. They hear a lot of noise at lumber mill, and they see Petal the dog, barking.

They break into the second story, coming onto a large storage area. As they stumble around they make lots of noise as the window slams shut, Mordecai and James whisper loudly, and James stumbles and knocks items over from the second story onto a fine table that was being crafted below. The table is sturdy, but appears to be damaged by scratches.

Mordecai uses his darkvision to find and read through a ledger, finding the names of businesses which have purchased ladders. James Bacca attempts to clean the mess that they made.

The next morning, rusty dragon, Mordecai sings and Ameiko makes food for refugees. Townsfolk are asking when they will take care of the Sczarni. Griz talks to kid and father whose ankle was broken.

The group confides in Ameiko that there seems to be a confederate in town who helped the goblins attack.

James Bacca speaks to Sheriff. The Sheriff mentions he is leaving for Magnamar soon to seek additional support in the way of guards. He states that, regarding Tuk Thor, while he needs to remain neutral as the Sheriff, he would like to see Tuk Thor invoke his right to ask for representation for the upcoming trial.

He speaks of some of the clues regarding the confederate:

1) There was a wagon that the goblins were hiding in, upon inspection they find traces of seaweed, sand, limestone, and saltmarsh plants — James Bacca remembers Lonjiku Kaijitsu mentioning that all materials were used in making glass.
2) The North gate was left open, obvious that goblins snuck in. The only people in town who have the key to the North Gate were:
-Lieutenant of the guard Kaddock Darthalai
-Sandpoint council members

Mordecai and James Bacca interview different businesses about the ladder and find that they all have a ladder — with the exception of the Glassworks. It seems that Lonjiku may have been the confederate. But why?

Tuk Thor is reluctant to ask for representation. He believes he is guilty of sneaking into town and should thus be punished. But, Griz tells him “If you don’t get help, they will get away with it.” And, Tuk Thor realizes that he needs to fight. He want’s Naeric to represent him.

Tuk Thor’s request and the evidence that the Glassworks is brought to Naeric , who agrees to represent Tuk Thor and Gorvi. It is decided that, because the trial is decided by a vote of the five council members, they will seek to force Lonjiku to recuse himself from the trial.

At the onset of the meeting, James Bacca speaks on behalf of the heroes in favor of Tuk Thor’s heroism. His speech is greeted with approval by the gathered townsfolk.

Next, town business is discussed:
1) Garbage in streets
2) Whether a wall should be built
3) Whether a bank should be created
4) Money owed by Sandpoint to Titus Scarnetti

In each of these instances, the council has difficulty coming to a decision, Lonjiku and Titus bicker and accuse each other of trying to enrich themselves, and Titus pressures Valdemar into voting in his favor.

As the trial proceeds, the council, with the exception of Lonjiku, votes to force him to recuse himself due to the apparent conflict of interest. Lonjiku is outraged. With two votes in favor of acquittal and two votes in favor of conviction, after the evidence is presented, Tuk Thor and Gorvi are freed!


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