Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Burnt Offerings 3.1

Glass and Wrath

4047, mid-Rova

The Prodigal Son?

After the trial, the days fall into a routine. Tuk Thor trains regularly with the Sandpoint Militia. Griz roams the Sandpoint Hinterlands looking for a trace of Shalelu. James Bacca and Mordecai attempt to delve the secrets of the Old Light. Rhogar meditates. Naeric heads north to Windsong Abbey.

After about a week, one stormy night in late Rova, James Bacca wakes suddenly in the middle of the night. He knows, with no reason to know why, that something has happened to Ameiko. He rushes downstairs and finds her kitchen staff preparing food early in the morning. They confirm that it is unusual for her not to be with them at this point, but perhaps she is exhausted, she was working late into the night. James Bacca pounds on her door, until Bethana, Ameiko’s trusted employee, opens the door. The window has been smashed, and rain is coming into the room, which is in disarray. Blood splatters are on the sheets. It is obvious that there has been a fight here.

Bethana can remember nothing except that Ameiko was excited about having received a letter. James Bacca searches the room and finds a letter, but it is written in Xian Tia and he cannot make it out. He asks Mordecai to gather Griz, Rhogar, and Tuk Thor and meet him at the Kaijitsu manor.

Lonjiku’s head of household allows the group into the drawing room of the house, but he tells them that Lonjiku is not available. He cannot say more because it would not be within normal decorum. He cannot read the letter but he can say that the signature is that of the Kaijitsu family name, but not Lonjiku’s. When he is told that Ameiko is missing, he looks shocked and says that Lonjiku has been missing for two days as well.

He leaves the heroes, who begin a search of the house. In Lonjiku’s study, they find another letter, written in Xian Tia, apparently from before the Swallowtail attack. The signature on the bottom is the same.

James Bacca says “Ameiko is still alive. She’s in the Glassworks.”


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