Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Glass and Wrath 3.2

Going after Ameiko

  • Heroes went to the Glassworks, following James Bacca’s empathic link to Ameiko.
  • Discovered that goblins had killed all the workers and Lonjiku, who had been tortured to death.
  • The goblin leader, Koruvus, was wounded and fled to the basement.
  • Following the trail of blood, the heroes found a tunnel leading deep underground
  • Exploring the basement, the heroes heard the voices of goblins and non-goblins speaking.
  • They came upon a room with Tsuto Kaijitsu and a goblin. Tsuto quickly killed the goblin with his bare hands, thanked the heroes for saving him, and urged them to find his sister.

The heroes (Griz, James Bacca, Rhogar, and Mordecai) quickly trudged through the dawn rain to the Sandpoint Glassworks following James Bacca’s empathic link with Ameiko. The Glassworks, standing near the western edge of Sandpoint on the shore, was locked and shuttered. The heroes climbed to the roof. James Bacca peered through the skylight, and shrieked in horror. Goblins reveling in destruction and mayhem. The mutilated bodies of the workers littered the main factory floor and Lonjiku’s stiff, frozen body was propped in a chair, apparently transformed into a glass statue, his face transfixed in horror.

The heroes prepared to crash through the skylight to surprise the goblins. James Bacca caught the eye of Shayliss Vinder, who called out to him in a playful voice. “James Bacca, what in the world are you doing up on that roof in this rain. Come down and run some errands with me. You can keep me warm…” James Bacca called back “Shayliss, there’s goblins in the Glassworks, alert the militia!” Shayliss panicked, crying out that the goblins were attacking again. Within minutes a panic spread through the town, and the alarm bells were ringing, calling the militia into action.

Meanwhile, the heroes went through with their plan. The skylights were crashed and the battle ensued with the goblins. Rhogar leapt down, taking center stage surrounded by goblins. He was backed up by Griz taking shots from the roof and James Bacca who put the Koruvus and many other goblins to sleep before they could do much harm. Tuk Thor, responding to the town alarm from the militia hall, came to a front door and with two kicks burst it open.

Mordecai attempted to tie Koruvus for later interrogation, but Rhogar had no interest in playing along. He slipped through the throng of goblins surrounding him and castrated Koruvus, waking him up from his magical slumber. Koruvus and the remaining goblins quickly fled down into the basement, the mortality wounded leader leaving a trail of blood behind him. James Bacca’s sense told them Ameiko was down below the Glassworks, so the heroes followed the trail of blood.

As the heroes descended into the basement, they heard muffled goblin and non-goblin voices. They followed the trail of blood through a tunnel which, until recently, appeared to have been walled off from the basement. Before following the trail, however, the heroes began searching the rooms of the basement. James Bacca entered a small room with a bed, a desk, a chair, and many papers. In the room stood Tsuto, Lonjiku’s long-lost son and Ameiko’s brother. Apparently, he was being held prisoner by the goblins. As James Bacca entered, Tsuto quickly turned and dealt a fatal blow to a goblin standing near him. Tsuto thanked him for rescuing him and urged him to find Ameiko quickly.


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