Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

The Dark Queen

Mordecai followed the trail of blood left behind by the castrated Goblin. He stumbled upon a black stone altar, where the trail of blood ended in a spray. Behind the altar was a an engraved figure in the wall. Mordecai recognized the beast from the description of Rhogars vision.
A fiendish jackals head upon the form of a woman with ebon wings and scaly claw feet. Mordecai waved his hand over the inlay copper in his lute and murmured arcane words and pointed to his party and gently described what he saw. Griz and Rhogar quickly moved to the scene. Griz as always, silent and deadly. Rhogar nearly tripped and fell into the room. James Bacca, remained behind to inspect the statue in the hall.

On the Black stone altar was a pool of filthy, oil muddled water. Behind the alter, the team found an adventurers pack filled, with rope, fingers, coin sack and potions. Everything a filthy goblin would need. It was determined the sack belonged to Koruvus the castrated mongrel. The party suspects he may have been transformed into another form here at the alter. Mordecai again intoned magic words and with focused movements over his lute, determined that the potions were of () and that the altar was essence of transmutation. Griz collected as much of the filthy water as he could, leaving behind just a tiny bit.

James Bacca, standing in front of the statue, was addressed by a deep haggard voice of a female, followed by a foul, foul stench. She addressed herself as queen and demanded that James Bacca bow before her as a loyal servant should do. James Bacca bowed and asked that she reveal her form. The dark queen materialized and insisted that James Bacca improve his form so that he could help summon more of the [creature]s to take over the town. James Bacca acted quickly and told the dark queen that he was going to summon his friends to help build the army. She insisted he go and find his friends and disappeared.

James Bacca joined his friends in the altar room and explained his confrontation. The team pushed on into the next room. here they found the bodies of three of the soldiers. They had carved into their chests the star symbol/rune.
In the center of the room was a pool of water with a circle of skulls mounted on spikes in the center. At the top of the landing was a triangular pool of orange, bubbling, viscous liquid. The temperature seemed to drastically drop around the triangular pool. Griz grabbed a skull from the pool of water and dropped it into the orange liquid. Nothing happened. James Bacca dragged a dead soldier to the orange pool and dipped his hand in it. Still nothing. Searching the adjacent rooms the party found a bunch of ancient junk that may be important to a historian. James Bacca took a vial of the orange liquid. He found that if it weren’t for the cold resistance inherited from his blood line, his hands would be retching in pain. James poured the liquid onto the floor just to have two of the translucent skinned creatures and a disfigured goblin appear. It was Koruvus and he looked as though he had gone through a bad transmutation. Limbs were growing out of places they shouldn’t.
Then the queen materialized, hovering over the circle of skulls. “You fools! You musn’t desecrate the waters of Lamatsu! You must bow before your queen! Bow!” The party bowed to appease the queen. She led them to the altar to transform them into something that can summon the rune creatures. Upon reaching the altar the queen sees that the waters of transmutation are all but gone. There is enough left for one adventurer. “choose who will be transformed or I shall choose for you!”

Mordecai cast a spell [don’t remember which one] on their enemies and convinced them to wait in the next room, giving the party some “privacy” to make their decision and a chance to escape. Griz and Mordecai moved to leave, but James Bacca’s insatiable curiosity got the better of him. He followed Erillium’s party, and not wanting to leave his friend to the wolves, Rhogar followed. [Some details missing here.] Battle became inevitable. Korvus grabbed James Bacca and ?? grabbed ??, attempting to drag them to the alter. [someone else was grabbed but can’t remember who. When did James Bacca grab Erillium the first time??]. Battle ensued with Erillium summoning additional minions: a dire rat, a mud demon, and two more wrath creatures. Erillium bit Mordecai twice, injecting him with her foul breath and rendering him severely sluggish. Despite these challenges, Moredecai cart wheeled into battle and drew the enemy’s blows, giving James Bacca a chance to escape…[I really don’t remember the sequence of this combat very well.]. Amazingly, the heroes surpassed long odds and defeated Erillium’s minions, including Korvus. Erillium disappeared and fled into the room with the orange summoning pool. The party followed Erillium into the summoning chamber and blocked her in for a time. She darted past James Bacca standing guard at the door, the party followed, and she almost escaped again, but her loathing led her to make one more attempt at killing James Bacca, giving him the opportunity to grab her and stuff her in a sack. Having subdued Erillium, the party explored more of the underground temple. They discovered a prison area and encountered an undead abomination, a vampiric head with bat-like wings. Leaving the remainder of the temple unexplored, the party returned to the surface to consult their contacts in the town regarding Erillium and the underground temple.


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