Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Glass and Wrath 3.3

The Demogorgon Arrives?

Mordecai and James Bacca were following the trail of blood left behind by the castrated half elf and came across Ameko’s brother, who had just as he killed a goblin. Tsuto said they had captured his sister. Mordecai had his suspicions about Tsuto’s claims. Tsuto upset at the pause in immediate action said that he would go after his sister and dashed off the other room. The team followed him out after hearing some muffled noises that was unmistakably Ameiko, just to find that Tsuto was gone and Ameiko bound and gagged. They untied her and asked her of Tsuto’s motives. Ameiko stated she was summoned their by her brother. Tsuto left a letter for Ameiko describing his excitement to be together with Noelia. This was strange since Ameiko believed Noelia to have died years prior in a building fire. Tsuto urged Ameiko to leave the city to the East to the Nethal wood for her own safety. Once Ameiko arrived at the factory the goblins captured her and she had yet to see her brother. Tsuto Apparently ran past TukThor on his way up and out the Glassworks.

The Team and Ameiko then went upstairs and investigate Longiku’s body further now that the immediate carnage had ended. Longiku was encapsulated in molten glass. She ask’s James baka to please not kill her brother because she feels he is innocent and must surely be under some spell. She also asks James baca to walk with her into town where she needs to speak with the town council members. The rest of the crew remembers they let Rhogar run off by himself and decides to go down after him.

Rhogar, meanwhile, continues following blood trail down a non-descriptive underground passageways. The trail of blood took a turn at the second right turn. He continued down this way and passed an area that appeared to have been previously walled off. Just as he is crossing the threshold he began to feel an out of body like experience and a vision. He very vividly experiences holding hands with a woman on a date which quickly turned romantic. He became lost in the moment until he looks again at his date and it is now a Jackal headed creature with a pregnant belly and monsters clawing from the inside. The monster began accusing Rhogar of cheating on her. Rhogar staggered back and regained his senses just in time to see a humanoid size creature with pale arms, predator like jaws, a slimy tongue, and bulging red eyes with no nose.

The creature strikes at rhogar and deals him a heavy blow!

Will our hero be able to escape or Defeat this new unknown enemy?
Will his friends be able to reach him in time?
Will Rhogar ever get to play with his unborn demon children?
Find out… Next Time! On Dragon Ball!…. wait, no…. Next time on Wednesday


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