Griz (Finton)

Shy halfling ranger


You left your halfling community because you were fed up with the politics and bickering. You felt more comfortable on your own, and were more drawn to nature. You settled in the outskirts of Sandpoint, where you built a cabin, and spend most of your time hunting, fishing, and meditating. You visit the town about once a week to trade for supplies. You have been here about five years, just after the Recent Unpleasantness (some events which you have heard alluded to but never got the details).

You have taken a mentor, Shalela, an elf ranger. You have occasionally accompanied her to stalk and harrass groups of goblins that were venturing too close to the settled areas around Sandpoint and growing brazen in their attacks.

Recently, some of the farmers near your cabin have approached you and asked for your help, as livestock have been disappearing, outlying buildings and crops have been catching fire, and family dogs have been growling at woodpiles and hedgerows. When you investigated, you found a broken dog slicer (what goblins call their shortswords). You can handle yourself in fight with a goblin, but they are deadly in groups. What’s more concerning is that you haven’t heard from or seen Shalela in months…

You decide to head to Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival.


Griz (Finton)

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