James Bacca

Dragonblooded sorcerer from Cheliax, has foresworn his corrupt family


I come from the south, in Chellax. Going to Magnamar from there would essentially be like leaving San Francisco or Seattle and heading for Anchorage.

In any case, you have been living in Magnamar for a number of years, having foresworn your family’s wealth. You have foresaken the wealth, but being charismatic you socialize with the wealthy and the poor. You patronize arts, make business deals with the merchants, drink with the working class, and even have been involved in shady deals with the Scarzi. Over the years, you have come to know Magnamar well.
Your cousin lived in Magnamar before you came, and you became close after moving here. The blood of a dragon flows in your family. It occasionally manifests in sorcery, as with you. With your cousin, it is more physical and tangible. Your is a stoic, spending most of his days meditating and training, and with the Pathfinder Society, which he has recently introduced you to.

Now, the Pathfinder Society has asked you and your cousin to travel north up the Lost Coast, to the hamlet of Sandpoint. You are asked to investigate any ancient ruins or artifacts that you come across, for information about the ancient civilization of Thassilon. You should make contact with a scholar in Sandpoint named Bordert Quink.

James Bacca

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