Miriam Perry

Varisian Barbarian. Widow. Mother of 5, all but one killed by goblins.


Miriam’s farm was attacked by goblins who burnt it down. Her husband and four of her children were killed. A Miriam escaped with her infant baby with the help of Griz, who was nearly killed distracting goblins while she fled. As she made her way back with Griz, they were ambushed and Griz was knocked out fighting off goblins. She killed the last goblin with her bare hands in her rage.

Later, she was captured by Thistletop gobins. She was rescued by the Heroes of Sandpoint during the raid on the Thistletop cult of Lamashtu, and was instrumental in the battle to destroy Nualia’s forces, leading the other refugees back to Sandpoint as the Heroes of Sandpoint pressed their attack on Nualia. While the refugees huddled in the Thistlewood waiting for dawn, the Sandpoint Devil descended upon them. She singlehandedly held it off while the refugees fled. When she caught up with them, she was seriously wounded.

She is currently recovering with her baby, as a ward of Desna, with other refugees from the Hinterlands.


Miriam Perry

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