Dragonborn monk, wise and calm, slow to action yet deadly and swift if stirred


You were born into a noble family of Cheliax, and one of your ancestors was a dragon. This manifested in you with outward appearance of dragonlike features, along with great height and strength. you were treated as special, but not loved, by your family. As the first born of your family, you were a captain in the army, and sent to put down the slave revolt in the Brastle river valley. this was your first command, and it was a route. Your troops were slaughtered, and you survived only by your super natural strength.
You were honorably discharged, but this did not sit well with your family. Your mother told you that you should have come back with victory or “on your shield”, and since has never spoken to you. Your father was more sympathetic, but still had a look of shame and disapointment. You understand he was more concened about how this looked and affected his social standing than your well being. This suited you weell, as you were disgusted by the corruption, slave trade, and diabolism of Cheliax.

You headed north, to Magnamar, where you spent the past years in mediation and training. You became a member of the Pathfinder Society, a group of hereos intent on exploration and preservation of knowledge and understanding the past.

Your younger cousin, James Bacca, also has recently moved there, disgusted by the corruption of Cheliax. You took him under your wing and introduced him to the Pathfinder Society. Now, the Society has asked you and James to head north up the Lost Coast to the hamlet of Sandpoint.They have asked you to explore any ruins or antiquities your come across. They suggest you make contact with a scholar named Brodert Quinn.


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