Tuk Thor

Half Orc, Half Shoanti, devoted to ending racism against orcs


My parents were very traditional with what they did. Instead of going into the market to buy food my father and I would hunt everyday. Although I didnt do that much work I hated hunting we sertainly had enough money o buy food but we never did. Ive never met anyone in the market but one day my mother sent me to buy food since hunting season is over. I was so excited but when I got ther everyone was afraid. The tribe we live in hated humans and elves but I saw no different The day I went into market I was chased away by heavy armed guards. Ever since that day I have ran away from home looking for a way to make them believe that Orcs are equal. I have took the path of the hero who has come to clear my families and my races name ORCS.

You are from the Cinderlands. Your father was a Shoanti tribesman, and your mother was an orc. But it was forbidden for Orcs and Shoanti to marry so your parents were killed and you were left for dead. You were raised by wolves. When you were older, you found your way back to your Shoanti clan, who were more impressed by your ability to survive than their disapprval of your parents. You became a warrior or your tribe who has helped keep the peace between the orcs and the Shoanti.

In the past five years, Giants and Ogres have become more agressive and common, attacking your people. At first your people were able to fight them off, but now you have to admit, you’re losing. So, you have headed down to Varisia to seek help from Magnamar. But, Magnamarians don’t have a good relationship with Shoanti.

So, you have decided to go to Sandpoint, where you know that a Shoanti named Belor Viskalai and his younger brother have settled. You think they may help you get help from Magnamar.

Tuk Thor

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