Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Burnt Offerings 1.2
The Swallow Tail Festival

4047 Rova 1

The heroes caught their breath in the town square in front of the new temple. They had killed a handful of marauding goblins, but it was clear that there were many, many more attacking town. Every direction they turned, they could hear screams and sounds of broken glass., and the smelled smoke billowing from nearby streets. As they looked around and quickly made each others’ acquaintances, they saw that townsfolk were injured … some perhaps fatally.

Griz and Tuk Thor rushed to heal the most injured of the townsfolk, and stabilised them until Father Zantus was able to come and tend to the wounded. While they did this work, James, Roghar, and Mordecai chased the remaining goblins out of the town square. The heroes followed the goblins for a few blocks, and came upon another group, led by a Warchanter, setting fire to a cart and trying to push it into a house. As the nearby townsfolk huddled in terror, the heroes stopped the goblins from spreading the fire and killed the Warchanter, causing the remaining goblins to flee, to the cheers of the townsfolk.


In the meantime, Tuk Thor followed a trail of food left by one of the goblins to a cliff, where the goblin was throwing the food over to its allies. Tuk Thor kicked the goblin over the edge and ran back to his allies.

Burnt Offerings 1.1
Festival and Fire

4047 Rova 1

The heroes came to Sandpoint for various reasons.

Tuk Thor snuck into town after being racially profiled by a guard at the East Gate. He befriended Gorvi, a drunken half-orc, and kept him out of trouble.

Ivan and James Bacca secured a room at the Rusty Dragon Inn, and spoke with Brodert Quink about ancient history.

Griz tried to speak with the sheriff and the mayor but didn’t assert himself and was unable to get to them.

They enjoyed themselves at the festival and stepped up to defend the town from marauding goblins. The battle has just begun!


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