This Obsidian Portal wiki chronicles our Dungeons and Dragons role playing game campaign: Rise of the Runelords. In this wiki you will find an Adventure Log detailing our (typically) weekly games, a list of characters with pictures and details, maps, and other details of the world and story.

For those unfamiliar with how it actually works, a role playing game is a story that the players and the game master create together. The players take the role of some of the main characters, and the dungeon master describes situations, characters, and challenges. The players respond with the actions, thoughts, and feelings of their characters. We use dice to determine random chance and conflict. You can think of it as an unpolished, somewhat improvised version of your favorite TV show, such as Game of Thrones or Walking Dead. You can check this out to get a good idea of what a D&D game actually looks like.

I suggest you start with the weekly adventures log (you will need to scroll to the bottom for chapter one of Burnt Offerings, our first “season”), or with some of the main characters: Griz, James Bacca, Mordecai, Rhogar, Naeric Petyarus, and Tuk Thor.

We are currently playing Wednesdays, so if you’d like to sit in on a session let me know!

Credit is given to James Jacobs and Paizo, the writer and publisher of the original Rise of the Runelords adventure and the Golarian setting, the source of many of the characters and the core of the plot. Credit is also given to all of the sources of inspiration for fantasy adventure roleplaying, from the most current incarnation of Fifth Edition D&D published by Wizards of the Coast back to the original created by Gary Gygax (and of course the lord of darkness, hail Satan), to J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, and the countless writers and creators who have planted seeds in my imagination. Credit is given to the artists and photographers whose pictures I have liberally used in this wiki as well as the game to assist with visualization of the events and characters being described. Credit is given to Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon, for their amazing opening score to Stranger Things, and opening the door to Synthwave having become the soundtrack to my life and this story.

And, of course, much credit is due to my players and friends, Quresh, Uriel, Moises, Ivan, Dock, and Sebastian, without whom all of this would have remained in my head or written in a book.


Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

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