Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Burnt Offerings 2.6

Town Heroes

4047 Rova 4

James goes into the tower and is bitten. He comes running out cursing silently. Griz asks him to take a walk and explains that he wishes to pay respects to the family of the townsman that was killed by Orik. They go to Ven Vinder’s general store and greet him and Shayliss. Ven thanks them for again protecting the town and saving his life, and expresses grief that his good friend Franklin was killed. He says that if they pay their respects at the funeral, it will likely be sufficient. Griz and James attend Franklin’s widow and Griz apologizes but James is testy.

Rhogar meditates by the ocean and Naeric approaches. They speak of how to cultivate inner peace. Naeric specifically asks about cultivating peace given the fire in his heart. They see and approach the House of Blue Stones, a center for meditation in Sandpoint. Inside is Sabyl, a young monk who follows in her late father’s footsteps. Rhogar joins her in meditation.

Naeric heads back to the temple. On the way he spies a cute dog, barking frantically, and running in and out of his house. A young mother, Amele, calls for the dog “Petal” to shush. She sees Naeric and is flustered at speaking to on of “The Heroes”. She brings her two children, Aerin and Verah, to meet Naeric.

Mordecai meets with Mayor Deverin. She explains that Gorvi and Tuk Thor will have a trial in front of the town council. Charges have been brought by an officer of the guard that Tuk Thor snuck into town with the goblins, that he and Gorvi supplied weapons to the goblins. A member of the council has approved the charges. She doesn’t believe it but it isn’t in her power to stop this unilaterally. The other four council members are Father Zantus, Titus Scarnettis (whose family owns and operates the lumber mill), Ethram Valdemar (whose family owns and operates the shipyard), and Lonjiku Kaijitsu (whose family owns and operates the glassworks). She invites Morecai and the heroes to invest in property.

Later, Mordecai is invited by Ameiko Kaijitsu to play music at the Rusty Dragon and is paid handsomely.

4047 Rova 5

The heroes come up with a plan to face the threat in the Old Light. Preparing spells to detect invisibility, they slowly explore the first and second floors of the Old Light and prepare to head up to the third floor.


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