Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Glass and Wrath 3.5

Panic in the Streets of Sandpoint

Brodart Quink
- hasn’t seen this, must be an outsider, ask Gadanthus
- Wrath Rune on the body as birthmarks, related to Thass magic, shows the runes
- Cover the body with blanket and take it to Gadanthus

- teaching reading class
- Uriel waves him to come but he gets annoyed
- Uriel holds the body up and the children see it and panic, cause town bells to ring again
- Related to Aboleth, shows them the Aboleth in the museum
- Promises to let them know if they find anything
- Buys the body for 300 gp

Panicking crowd
- Mordecai plays song about Tuk Thor to calm the crowd, people join hands
- Tuk Thor tells the guards to search the perimeter, causing more panic
- horse knocks over embers, causing fire
- Mordecai gets them to start bucket brigade
- Tuk Thor lifts the barrel of water to pour it on the fire
- Mordecai calms the town down but not until after someone is crippled by a stampeding horse

Kaddock Darthlai
- Posts guards at the glassworks against Sinspawn
- Will keeps his eye out Tsuto

- What planes do Aboleth’s come from?
- It’s an ancient plane that no one knows how to get to and from there?
- There was rumor that the Runelords created sinspawn to serve as soldiers and terror troops

Glassworks survivor
- Overheard Tsuto directing goblins, get revenge against Lonjiku, please his Love
- Hid out during raid, locked in closet
- Lonjiku was ranting about the Sczarni forcing him to do things, made us move ladders, take cart out
- Mordecai leans on guard sergeant to arrest Tsuto, forces survivor to stay in protective custody

The heroes brought the body of the a pale translucent skin semi-humanoid creature to Brodert Quink. Quink identified some birthmark type markings on the body as an ancient Thassalonian rune of wrath. Thassalonian magic was based on the seven deadly sins. Quink also identified the seven pointed star which was the Sinhedron, the symbol of unity of all the Thassalonian schools of magics.


He recommended that we seek out Geddanthus (headmaster of the local school) to identify the creature. SZ = Birth mark of Thasselonian origin on the wrathful creature. Associated with Wrath.
one of the 7 deadly sins. SZ is the symbol for the wrath rune.

On Quink’s recommendation, the heros sought out Gaddanthus, headmaster of the local academy. James Bacca tried to interrupt Professor Gaddanthus’s class, but caused a panic when the children saw the body of the wrathful creature. A fire broke out, a stampede of cattle rushed through town, and one of the Sandpoint residents was seriously injured (lost his leg).

Gaddanthus led the heroes to his collection of strange creatures, in the basement below the academy. He paid for the body of the creature, and suggested he would pay for other curiosities, including the legendary Sandpoint Devil.

At the suggestion of the heroes, eight town militia were posted in the glassworks entrance to the basement area.


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