Rise of the Runelords - Ninja Island

Glass and Wrath 3.4

Terror below The Glassworks

Seeing her father encapsulated in crystalline agony, Ameiko channels her grief into her work. She insists on returning to the Rusty Dragon to ensure all is in good order. Ameiko appears to be hanging on by a thread.

James Bacca returns to town with Ameiko to find a package has arrived for our adventurers via magic portal. The package contains a generous gift for each of the group, along with an invitation to join Aldern Foxglove at his southern estate near Magnamar.

James Bacca makes his way below the glassworks where he finds Tuk Thor, Mordecai, and Griz. The group continues down the passage below the glassworks, following the trail of acrid goblin blood.

Rhogar is ambushed by a sinister creature not of this world. It has paper thin skin and razor sharp claws. Rhogar is heavily wounded but maintains his composure by using his ki to deal a blow and disengage from the combat. Rhogar cleverly bates the creature to follow him down the passage whilst using a potion to cure his wounds.

Rhogar leads the creature directly to his companions. Tuk Thor upon seeing his bloodied comrade, breaks into a mighty rage and runs to meet the creature in battle. Mordecai hails Tuk Thors courage and strength as he delivers a devastating axe blow. The group then surrounds the creature to deal its fate. Griz ensnares the abomination and delivers a fatal arrow shot to the chest.

Celebrating the victory half of the group is ready to rush in to find the goblin scum, however cooler heads prevail and the adventurers return to town to rest, resupply and research the foul beast they have just slain.

Lastly, James Bacca shares with the group their new gifts from Aldern Foxglove. James Bacca receives an intricately carved wand of magic missiles. Mordecai a fine lute with magical properties. For Rhogar, the martial arts master, Nunchaku. Tuk Thor receives an enchanted Javelin that rips into thunderous lighting upon command. Lastly, Griz, a magical ring which will protect Alderns ‘Angel’ from harm by turning him into ethereal form should his life be in danger.


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